Office & Shop Unit Refurbishment in Bakewell

Welcome to the picturesque town of Bakewell, nestled alongside the serene banks of the river Wye and surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of the Peak District National Park. Brookes Contracting is thrilled to present our latest venture in this idyllic location: the transformation of an existing Chinese restaurant into a ground-level standalone shop unit, complemented by two sophisticated office units at the first-floor level.

Our esteemed client entrusted us with a £430k project that demanded a meticulous blend of modern design and seamless integration with Bakewell's historic charm. Maintaining the allure of the town's mellow stone buildings, medieval five-arched stone bridge, and quaint courtyards was paramount as we embarked on this endeavor


To ensure the success of this project, we commenced with an extensive internal strip-out of the restaurant, making structural alterations where necessary. Our team dedicated themselves to roof remedial works, carefully preserving the building's integrity. Inside, new partitions, wall linings, and finishes were meticulously crafted, reflecting both style and functionality.

The project scope encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the building's infrastructure. Our team orchestrated the installation of a state-of-the-art Mechanical and Electrical system, thoughtfully catering to the future occupants' needs. Among the highlights of this endeavor was the creation of a shared central toilet block, designed with utmost convenience in mind.

Additionally, we skillfully crafted two modern kitchens to cater to the culinary aspirations of the occupants. Our team spared no effort to ensure that every aspect of this project adhered to the highest standards of craftsmanship, aligning precisely with the surrounding buildings and the town's distinctive ambiance

Eastern Court represents the embodiment of Brookes Contracting's commitment to excellence, creativity, and community sensitivity. We take pride in delivering a transformation that enhances Bakewell's character while providing a contemporary space for thriving businesses.

Join us as we celebrate this stunning transformation, harmoniously blending tradition and innovation. Eastern Court stands as a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that inspire, enrich, and seamlessly coexist with their surroundings.