Bakewell Shop Unit Refurbishment

Welcome to Brookes Contracting – Your Trusted Partner in Transforming Spaces!

Discover our latest project nestled in the charming village of Bakewell, right at the heart of the breathtaking Peak District. We are thrilled to showcase our expertise in the refurbishment of an old shop unit, meticulously crafting it into a new masterpiece that harmoniously blends the old-world charm with modern sophistication.

At Brookes Contracting, we believe in preserving the distinctive features that hold the essence of the past while infusing new life into them. Our skilled team has expertly upgraded floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, breathing new vitality into every corner. The electrical installation has been not only upgraded but elevated to meet the demands of today's technology-driven world.

We take pride in maintaining the soul of the old unit, ensuring that its unique character shines brightly through the rejuvenation process. The end result? A revitalized, contemporary shop unit that exudes a fresh appeal, providing the town with a modernized haven to explore and enjoy.

Join us in celebrating the seamless fusion of history and modernity as we unveil this remarkable transformation in Bakewell. Brookes Contracting – Where Tradition Meets Innovation in the Construction Industry