Castleton Mill, Leeds

Discover the Revitalised Grade 2 Listed Flax Mill on the Leeds Liverpool Canal by Brookes Contracting | Transformed into Stunning Creative Office Spaces!

At Brookes Contracting, we were entrusted with the exciting challenge of converting this historic 4-storey flax mill into modern, creative office spaces. Embracing its unique materials and original design features, we embarked on a meticulous restoration journey.

Roof repairs and sustainability were our top priorities. We installed photovoltaic panels to harness clean energy and help reduce the building's carbon footprint. Additionally, we meticulously sandblasted and relayed the original yorkstone paving, bringing back its timeless charm.

Preserving the architectural heritage, we focused on the relieving arches, skillfully sandblasting, repairing, and re-pointing them to ensure their structural integrity.


The brickwork took center stage in our restoration efforts. We uncovered and sandblasted the existing roof trusses, adding a touch of rustic elegance to the office spaces. Cleaning the vaulted brick ceilings further accentuated the building's historical grandeur.

Making the building office-friendly was crucial for the project's success. We skillfully integrated essential amenities, such as toilet and kitchen areas, to meet modern workplace needs. Implementing a new drainage system ensured seamless functionality

With an emphasis on versatility, we installed office partitions to accommodate various workspaces, promoting productivity and collaboration.

Brookes Contracting's commitment to excellence and attention to detail transformed this flax mill into a remarkable and thriving hub for creativity and productivity. Experience the perfect fusion of history and modernity in this exceptional office space.