Yorkshire Air Museum

Transforming History: Brookes Contracting Renovates a 1942 Air Ministry half-brick air shelter

When the Yorkshire Air Museum needed to convert an old 1942 Air Ministry half-brick shelter into a new visitor welcome center and gift shop, they called upon Brookes Contracting for their expertise. Our team took on the challenge of renovating this historic structure, mindful of preserving its legacy while giving it new purpose.

The old air shelter was narrow and confining—not ideal for welcoming museum patrons. Our first task involved opening up the space by removing interior walls and installing new steel supports. This allowed us to create a spacious, airy lobby and retail area befitting the museum's world-class collections.

No detail was overlooked in re-imagining this structure. Our in-house joinery team, Brookes Joinery, custom-built display cases, counters, cabinets, and shelving using high-quality wood and artisanal techniques. We also refurbished the flooring, installed new electrical systems, and added visually appealing wall finishes.

The end result is a stunning entry portal that delights visitors and makes the perfect first impression. The museum now has an accessible, modernized facility, seamlessly blending old and new and paying tribute to aviation history. Brookes Contracting brought together specialised trades and craftsmanship to help Yorkshire Air Museum welcome the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.