Replacing an outdated 1970s bungalow with subpar environmental performance, the new residence seizes the opportunity for site redevelopment, aiming to vastly enhance design and energy efficiency. Embracing the ethos of Passivhaus principles, the design emphasizes strategic orientation, passive solar utilization, and superior thermal insulation.

Guided by the client's vision, the objective was to deliver a streamlined and effective contemporary design, optimizing the budget while achieving an elevated standard of both materials and fixtures. The straightforward rectangular floor plan of the structure mitigates complexities, enabling the realisation of a premium finish.

The ground floor's open layout is intersected by a double-height entrance hall that unfolds into a ridge skylight, infusing the area with abundant natural illumination. A bespoke concrete staircase and a bridge adorned with stainless steel railings and limestone steps introduce an artistic focal point. Toward the rear of the dwelling, a sloping glazed roof extends to a single story, accompanied by lightweight aluminum solar shading designed to angle and mitigate summer sun exposure, thereby curbing overheating. During winter, the lower solar angle strategically bathes the interior with sunlight, harnessing natural solar warmth.