New build dwelling near Ilkley

  • Replacement three storey property

  • Four bedrooms

  • Home cinema, bar and gym

  • Subterranean level

  • Feature entrance hall and staircase

  • Frameless glass balustrading

  • Renewable energy features

  • Full height glazing

Brookes Contracting creating Grand Designs houses in Leeds

A replacement four-bedroom house in a green belt area in Ilkley. The existing two-storey detached property was narrow with small rooms that were not suitable for conversion into modern open plan living. In addition, the house was poorly insulated and in need of new electrics.

The new three-storey house with subterranean level takes advantage of the nine-metre level change between the floor of the house and the northern boundary of the property.

With a feature entrance hall at ground level and full height glazing, the staircase serves the basement and first floor and offers views throughout the property to the rear garden. The open plan living areas connect to an outside terrace. The first-floor has four bedrooms accessed off the feature staircase and all rooms provide spectacular views over the gardens. The gable roof to bedrooms two of the bedrooms have been extended to create a balcony and masonry wing walls to provide privacy to the adjacent properties. The basement is hidden between two retaining walls on either side of the glazed area to allow interaction with the garden and provide a internal space for a home cinema, bar and gym.

There is a vertical emphasis throughout the modern design with floor to ceiling glazing and external frameless glass balustrading to allow uninterrupted views of the garden and beyond. A red brick façade with contemporary black aluminium framed windows, bi-folding doors, fascias and soffits contribute to the aesthetics of the property.

The replacement dwelling will benefit from renewable energy technology with integrated photovoltaic roof panels, an air source heat pump, electric car charging points and a highly efficient whole-house mechanical ventilation with a heat recovery system.