New Build Dwelling near Ripon

This expansive family residence ingeniously transforms a former garden plot, drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of traditional agricultural barn structures. However, it takes an inventive twist by introducing a diagonal wing that gracefully traverses from the front to the rear, crowned with an elegantly sloping sedum-covered roof. The roof design commences at a modest height at the entrance, enshrouding functional workspaces and guest accommodations. As it progresses towards the rear garden, it ascends gradually, culminating in a lofty living room adorned with a secluded terrace. A grand picture window adorns this space, framing panoramic vistas of the serene local countryside.

The construction materials chosen for this residence are both resilient and of superior quality. Meticulously handcrafted clay tiles form the upper walls and roof, evoking a sense of artistry and permanence. Meanwhile, indigenous stone is artfully employed at lower levels, establishing a visual link to the surrounding environment. The untreated hardwood window surrounds harken back to the region's rich agricultural heritage, seamlessly blending tradition with modern design.